#M7Trek was for political mobilisation- Ndebesa

Mwambutsya Ndebesa

Makerere University don Prof. Mwambutsya Ndebesa says the just concluded 195km “M7 Trek” was merely for political mobilisation and nothing else.

Now, one of the stated objectives of President Yoweri Museveni’s 195-kilometer trek to Birembo in Kakumiro, was the desire to educate the so-called Bazzukulu or the Generation born after his successful rebellion.

Appearing on NTV Monday morning, Ndebesa was asked if Museveni’s trek achieved its objectives.

The Makerere University lecturer thinks all these marches and the walks are statements for political mobilisation.

Victoria University

“It was political mobilisation. Politicians don’t normally do things without a political motive,” Ndebesa insisted.

He said it is a ritual. This case it was to enhance political support for him.

“Atleast it gave publicity to him. He was talking to the people and definitely that is mobilising for political support.”

Ndebesa said he saw on social media those critiquing the walk.

“NRM people were saying it’s not them who have failed but the central government. In this case, they were saying it is him who has failed.”

Asked about Museveni dishing out money to elderly people during the walk, Ndebesa called it an official practice since NRM came to power.

“There is money specifically for giving out gifts. Giving money to elderly during the walk meant there is money there to be dished out.”

He said the fun here is that good governance is made in Uganda, perfected in Kenya and implemented in Rwanda.

“We need to work on our security, googling Uganda and finding that most of the information is about teargas stops tourists from coming to Uganda.”

Marches have always been used to mobilise people around the world especially against stronger opponents from Martin Luther King’s march on Washington, to Mao Tse Tung’s great march that changed China, and now President Museveni’s is a trek.



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