Matembe clarifies why Museveni ‘fears’ Kyagulanyi

Matembe addressing the press in Bushenyi district

Former Ethics and Integrity minister Miria Matembe believes President Museveni is afraid of People Power presidential aspirant, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.  

Appearing on NBS “Frontline” programme Thursday night, Matembe said compared to former presidents Idi Amin and Milton Obote, Museveni is “more cowardly”.

“I saw Amin. I saw Obote. I haven’t seen any president as cowardly as President Museveni who can even fear a cockroach.”

On why President Museveni reportedly fears Kyagulanyi, Matembe cited the 1980 election debacle when Museveni was up against now Foreign Affairs minister Sam Kahamba Kutesa.


“When he contested for elections in 1980, he was minimised, he was despised and called a young boy like Kyagulanyi is now. He was described as irrational, erratic and a munyarwanda without origin. This was unlike Kutesa who was coming from a well-known dignified Bahima family.”

She said people in Kiruhura who now worship Museveni had rejected him for being poor and a nobody.

Matembe went on: “If he [Museveni] could be described like that and made nobody like Kyagulanyi is now…yet he went to the bush and came back as a revered president. That is why he has a cause to fear this young man.”


On Bobi Wine’s consultative meetings being blocked by police, Matembe said:

“If I was Fred Enanga [police spokesperson], I would resign or refuse to talk because he is being used to say very silly things. I’m sorry I had promised not to use such words.”

She said these institutions are in names.

“Does the EC have the power to tell Kyagunyi to go and consult? The EC has no authority, there is some authority somewhere that gives orders.”

According to her, most people say, “president, president, president” when they mean government.

She said to remove a president through elections in Africa is extremely hard.

“That’s why we normally have term limits. The reason why we put term and age limits is that we knew Museveni would come and not want to go.”

Matembe observed that elections cannot remove Museveni from power and doen’t know what “miracle God is preparing for us”.

“I cannot just quit elections if they are there but they can’t remove Museveni but if it was up to me, we wouldn’t waste money.”



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