Ssenyonyi: we know Museveni will rig 2021 election

Joel Ssenyonyi

People Power spokesperson, Joel Ssenyonyi, says they are already aware that President Museveni will “once again” rig the 2021 general election.

The mouthpiece of presidential aspirant Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was appearing on NBS television Friday morning.

Simon Kaggwa Njala [host]: Is this a story that still works? How differently are you practising politics? You do the same things all the time expecting different results.

Joel Ssenyonyi: We know President Museveni is going to rig the election. He is already meeting people in the countryside. We are going into this election hoping that it is fair. If this election is stolen from Ugandans, we shall defend it.

Victoria University

Police obstacle

Ssenyonyi said according to the Public Order Management Act, the police is supposed to write back in case they have issues about the meetings.

“They have not been writing back to us which meant everything was okay. But when we get to the venue, there is teargas,” he noted.

He said the police were requesting for unreasonable demands.

According to him, it was wrong for journalists to be violated as well as ordinary people.

“We agreed in consensus that mistakes were made. We are going to reschedule our consultative meetings and hope that going forward, everything goes well.”

Police spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga, however said People Power misinformed the public on police admitting doing wrongs while meeting with electoral commission officials on Thursday.

He said the force will continue to uphold the law as required.

Ssenyonyi, on the other hand, observed that the whip is cracked in many different ways, but as a country, there is need to crack the whip in the sense that this is wrong regardless of “where you belong”.

“When the law is being shredded, it should matter to everyone because you will need it tomorrow to protect you. As a country, we should be held accountable.”

He added: “Sovereign as we might be, our leaders can’t do whatever they want. We are not gullible, but sometimes it is about exposing police?”



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