Bantariza backs Captain who said Bobi Wine can’t be commander-in-chief

Capt Sserunjogi

Deputy government spokesperson, Rtd Col Shaban Bantariza has spoken out on the remarks made by a senior UPDF officer in regard to Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine being the commander-in-chief.

NRA hero Captain Sula Sserunjogi dismissed the presidential hopeful while speaking to “Museveni trekkers” at Butologo hill on Wednesday.

“There are those coming with their trousers. You, the youths, should know that the president is the commander in chief of the army. You expect Bobi Wine to be our commander in chief?” the soldier lashed out.

He added: “It is unimaginable seeing Bobi Wine sit in the office that he (Museveni) is occupying. It is true this country has democracy but we can’t allow such a thing to happen (Bobi Wine being commander in chief).”

Victoria University

Capt Sserunjogi maintained that the destruction of the country’s politics stemmed from Ugandans who released stupid songs, citing songs creating hatred between Ben Kiwanuka and Apollo Milton Obote.

The bush war hero who also served as Resident District Commissioner for over 20 years recalled how they were terrorised by Uganda People’s Congress [UPC] members during Idi Amin and Obote’s governments.

Bantariza speaks

In a series of tweets, Bantariza who tried to make sense of the situation, said the power that is in the NRM now is very precious power.

“It is something we paid a high price for,” he clarified.

On Capt Sserunjogi’s words, Bantariza noted: “Whether the Capt’s views are partisan or not, good thing is that he won’t stop you from voting for whoever you wish, and peacefully wait for the Election Results; that’s democracy, which gives us all, equally rights, freedoms and opportunity!!”

Capt Sserunjogi addressing trekkers

He went on: “The Capt does not, and so was not, speaking for UPDF! Those were his personal views, which of course, he could share with many other Ugandans!”

According to Bantariza, power has value and anything that has value, has a price.

“Being a Presidential hopeful is ok, but it’s as good as being a hopeful to be a Head Master at my former School! Nothing treasonable expressing an opinion for or against him! Otherwise, it wud “treasonable” not to vote for him! You see the folly?!”

He said the reality is that those who are keeping them in power, appreciate the way they have used power, in their interest, and they are not about to withdraw it from them.

“State handling of political Contestations, doesn’t have to be uni-linear, one prong! It can be multi-directional, multi-pronged, but certainly, operational mistakes by the ground actors are not acceptable, by all of us!”

He added: “But, poor methods must not displace legitimate intent! Yes! Political Power Contests have a Price tag! The Contest for power, like their Principal Objective, Power itself, are not freebiz! Good thing is that @kizzabesigye1 knew what to expect, and that’s why he is still in the Contests!”

Another officer Lt. Col. Gilbert Owomagyezi said corrupt people do not look at the bigger picture of society.

“They only concentrate on their short-term gains. A revolutionary or cadre should desist from corrupt tendencies.”



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