We won’t give away power to wrong hands- Bantariza

Col Bantariza

Africa Kwetu trekkers Monday morning vacated Camp Three at Kagogo and headed to Camp Four at Ndirabweru both in Bukomero, Kiboga district.

“That is where we shall stay tonight. We hope to maintain endurance to climb the two big hills today,” said government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo.

While addressing the trekkers before departure on their 3rd of the six-day journey, deputy government spokesperson, Rtd Col Shaban Bantariza reminded participants about the importance of power NRA captured and now using it to solve problems and challenges of society.

He said the purpose of working together is to tame nature for the society’s betterment.

Victoria University

The process of organizing each other is what brought and made this government, Bantariza explained.

“Government is enforcing how society should work together for a better society and that’s what we call the state.”

He said the police have a great role to play in the state because law is a product of politics.

“People rule themselves using the law. The laws don’t govern people.”

He said having power for over 30 years and keeping the country very peaceful, it means the existing government has the capability to use it effectively.

“Power isn’t an item for charity to be given away to the wrong hands,” Bantariza assured contenders.



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