Museveni ascends historic Kateera hill: I had smelly blanket, no toothbrush

Museveni addressing trekkers

President Museveni has revealed how much they suffered while fighting in the bushwar to the extent that they lacked some of the most basic human needs.

Museveni was Monday morning addressing trekkers on their 3rd day of the six-day journey to Birembo in Kibaale district.

“We suffered in the bush for sure, I had no toothbrush or blanket,” he narrated.

He added: “Someone helped me with a smelly blanket and it was the best sleep I had in the bush. We attacked Kakiiri and won later.”

Victoria University

Kateera hill

Museveni and his trekkers camped below Kateera Hill in Kiboga district, before commencing the third phase of the symbolic Afrika Kwetu trek upward the hill.

While ascending Kateera hill, Museveni led trekkers in retracing the foot paths they took during the liberation struggle.

“This hill is very symbolic in the struggle. Towards Easter, we were ambushed here by the UNLA forces while we had just camped, tired from trekking,” Museveni explained.

Kateera hill

He said they were over landed and lost so many men here, including Stevenson Kazahura.

The alive and injured climbed into the bushes atop this hill and for four days, with no water or food kept in hiding until the forces withdrew.

“The news all over the area was that we had been wiped out completely and residents thought no one had been left alive here,” he went on.

“My men descended the hill and we regrouped, treated the injured and refocused on the liberation struggle.”

The second day of the symbolic Afrika Kwetu ended Sunday evening at Kagogo, Bukomero Sub County in Kiboga District.



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