Full Figure, King Micheal play child games on #M7Trek

Full Figure and King Michael doing their thing

The ruling party National Resistance Movement [NRM] leaning musicians King Michael and Full Figure used President Museveni’s trek to reignite their childhood games.

Monday was the third phase of the six-day trek and the key feature of the day was ascending Kateera hill in Kiboga district which has nightmarish memories for President Museveni.

The president narrated how government forces ambushed them on this hill, killing many of his comrades and forcing the survivors to spend four days hiding in the bushes without food or water.

Key of those who perished on this hill was war hero Stevenson Kazahura. This is where his dream was almost buried.

Victoria University

Despite such horrifying and traumatic memories the hill holds, these singers turned Museveni’s nightmare into a playground for their childish games.

Legs crisscrossing and climbing on each other, Michael and Full Figure just lay on the ground and enjoyed themselves.

Full Figure was seen raising her legs as if she wanted them to touch the sky, meanwhile exposing her bulging “something something”.

The two were later joined by Raga Dee, a whole mayoral aspirant and veteran musician, who shared in the light moment.

Ragga Dee joins in

Bad blood?

Suffice to note, when Michael organised a flopped concert at Freedom City along Entebbe road, Full Figure who was then a People Power die-hard insulted him for joining a “wrong political party”.

The ‘Muko Muko‘ hit maker fumed and called her “a lady with nothing sensible but a big mouth” and told her to mind her business.

She had earlier despised Catherine Kusasira, now a presidential adviser like herself.

Yet today, these are the same people she is mingling with and having the greatest of times.



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