#M7Trek: Museveni breaks camp at Bukatira

Museveni speaks to trekkers

President Museveni last evening ended the first phase of his Africa Kwetu Trek to Kibaale district at Bukatira in Semuto Sub County in Nakaseke district.

The walk has Sunday morning entered the second day.

Participants and the general public have been asked by the National Resistance Army Archives to take historical objects that remained during the struggle such as guns, bullets used then, IDs of soldiers etc to their offices to make a museum.

Bukatira camp where Museveni spent the night

On completing the first phase Saturday, the president thanked the bazukulu, veterans, freedom fighters and the wellwishers for the resilience as they slalomed through the routes that were once the small footpaths in which NRA traversed.

Victoria University

According to presidential press secretary, Lindah Nabusayi, the trekkers made two health stops to let trekkers catch up at Kyabbumba Church, 7km from start-off point and at Jjombe Primary School, 17km (halfway the route) to next campsite at Bukatira.

Museveni also took time greeting old comrades and their families along the way.

From Galamba, the trekkers made a stop at Kabale trading centre, Katabi sub county and then at Jomba, Wakiso District.

This trek helps to relive the moments during the liberation struggle that ushered in the National Resistance Movement.

“A time for me as well to re-engage with families, individuals and communities that massively contributed to the peace of this nation. I salute you all,” Museveni said.

The final destination will be Birembo in Kibaale district where Museveni and his brother Salim Saleh linked up on 10th Jan 1985, managed to repulse all the UNLA counter attacks and eventually moved out safely with all the ammunitions captured in Kabamba barracks in Mubende district.



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