Museveni flags off Great Trek, starts walk to Birembo

Museveni starts the trek to Birembo in Kibaale

President Museveni has Saturday January 4, 2020 kicked off his 100km trek from Galamba in Wakiso district to Birembo in Kibaale district.

Museveni and other veterans joined the “#M7Trek” participants to address the trekkers about Uganda’s liberation journey.

The trek will cover seven districts of Wakiso [where he set off from], Nakaseke, Mityana, Kiboga, Kasandha, Mubende and Kakumiro.

Speaking at St. Edward S. S. Galamba in Wakiso district before the flag-off ceremony of the six-day “Afrika Kwetu Trek”, Museveni recounted some of the defining moments that shaped Uganda’s Liberation struggle dating more than 50 years.

Museveni addressing trekkers
Victoria University

He cited the sacrifices were made by ordinary Ugandans who joined the NRA bush war to restore the gains of independence.

“We came to here at Garamba planning to attack Kabamba. Garamba was chosen because it was near Kampala,” Museveni told the trekkers.

“One morning Maj Gen Kyalingonza told me the messenger, Katabarwa we sent for peace talks had been killed. Before we left, we were attacked.”

He explained the different phases of the War of Resistance in Uganda including the war, campaign, operation and battle.

He said the National Resistance Army [NRA] war had four campaigns to raise guns, money, personnel and attack on Kampala.

He told trekkers that NRA had no guns by then but had hope they would get some.

They made a second campaign to open a second front and in 1985, it was opened in Rwenzori.

Museveni interacts with veterans

Later, numbers were expanded from 4K-20,000 soldiers. The main aim was to attack Kabamba on 1/1/1985.

The bush war veterans who joined the president are led by their chairman Hajji Sseddunga.

Museveni shared a light moment with the NRA bush war veterans before he led the trekkers off to Birembo, Kakumiro district.

The aim is to re-trace the historical steps of Uganda’s 50-year liberation struggle.

The “Africa Kwetu” trek embodies the collective revolutionary ideals and values that defined the success of Uganda’s liberation struggle.

Most importantly, bush war veterans shared their experiences with young people to awaken the spirit of nationalism & Pan-Africanism.



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