UPDF recruits new troops in Kiboga, Kyankwanzi strongholds

The recruits

Team one of the Uganda Peoples” Defense Forces recruitment Thursday morning pitched camp at the Saza grounds of Kiboga district to recruit youth from Kiboga and Kyankwanzi into the UPDF.

Unlike other districts where many people came from different districts, Kiboga and Kyankwazi posted a big number from their own sub counties and parishes.

As had been the norm elsewhere, the recruitment exercise was attended and opened by local leaders headed by the RDC Kiboga, Hajji Umar Mawiya, LCV Chairperson Mr Israel Igga, and Kiboga town council Chairperson Hajji Ssekiwunga.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Chairperson LC V Kiboga Mr Israel Igga took time to thank the UPDF for the quota system of recruitment, which he said will go a long way towards furthering the national character of the force.

Victoria University

”We thank you UPDF”.

While speaking to more than 500 youth that turned up, the team leader Brig Gen Emmanuel Kazahura emphasized the importance of discipline to the youth, whether they qualified for entry into the UPDF or not.

“Be disciplined wherever you go, you will reach the skies”, he counselled the attentive youths.

“If we could, we would take all of you, but we can’t, we are limited by the quota we have’.”

To those who may not qualify, he advised them to take heart and keep taking all opportunities that come their way.

Kiboga and Kyankwazi districts which were central to the 1981-86 liberation struggle especially in providing manpower and food to the struggle will see 31 of their sons and daughters recruited into the national army.

With one centre to go, team ones’ next move will be to head to Luwero, NRA’s “Mecca” on the 4th of January to recruit from Nakasongola, Nakaseke and Luwero districts.



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