Former Obote minister Peter Otai dies in London

Peter Otai

A former Ugandan minister has died in exile in London, United Kingdom.

Peter Iloot Otai was the former state minister for defence under Obote II government.

His personal lawyer, Richard Anguria Omongole, told Daily Monitor that Otai died Thursday.

The former minister slipped into a coma for the last two weeks in London where he had been staying.

Victoria University

The lawyer said he would get in touch with the late’s family in Soroti and government to see if they can return his remains in Uganda.


He fled Uganda upon the NRA regime assuming power from Tito Okello in 1986.

He was the leader of Uganda People Army (UPA) rebels who were opposed to then National Resistance Army (NRA) government led by President Museveni.

Peter Iloot Otai was born in 1939 in Tiditiek Village, Ngora District. He was the second born to the family of Mzee Iloot and Besi Asano.

The late attended Soroti Primary School between 1946 to 1952. He later enrolled to Ngora Boys Primary School from 1952 to 1954.

He then attended education in Ngora High School and Busoga College Mwiri before joining Makerere University for Law.

He went to the UK for further education in 1960 until Obote II government in 1980’s when he was appointed the deputy Minister for Defense, a position he served until 1985 when Obote’s II government was overthrown.

Mr Otai married two wives, one Briton with whom he fathered two doctors, and the other an African woman with whom he had three children, two of whom have since died.



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