Urban TV, Xfm host Denzel probed for rape

Denzel Mwiyeretsi

Vision Group is launching an investigation into its own journalist Charlie Denzel Mwiyeretsi for allegedly raping women including work colleagues.

This came about after a one Pheonah Elyanu [@Smol_Phiefie] tweeted to Vision Group chief executive officer, Robert Kabushenga, accusing Denzel of raping her friend.

“Hello Sir @rkabushenga your attention is needed.  Denzel IA an employee of XFM and he is rapist!” Elyanu tweeted.

She added: “Help us get justice for all the women raped and about to raped by Denzel. He’s a danger to society.”

Victoria University

In WhatsApp chats, the victim claims the Urban TV and XFM presenter took her to his home when she came to interview him, drugged her drink and raped her.

Twitter is now awash with similar allegations made by different girls.

In response, Kabushenga said: “Here is what is going to happen: 1. Gloria(HR) & Peace (Audit) will re-examine all the allegations so far made on social media vs Denzel.”

He said they will receive any further facts about the case that anyone will bring directly to them at office.

Kabushenga said Denzel will face a disciplinary committee to answer the accusations against him and “then we shall make the right decision”.

“I guarantee that all parties will receive a fair hearing and the interests of justice will be duly served. We hope this time the accuser will cooperate,” he added.

In June 2019, a one Sandra Awilli reported the former Big Brother Africa housemate to Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters for attempted rape.

Awilli, in a story thread on Twitter cited two separate incidences in 2015 and 2017 when the TV and radio personality forced her into sex without her consent.

“Your hands forced their way into places they were not welcome. You almost ripped my jeans and if it wasn’t for someone walking into the space, I fear how far you would have gone. You were starting to be very violent with trying to get your way with me sexually” Awilli noted.

“To you I am just a woman with nothing of much value but a vagina that you would rather get to first before asking me if it’s okay or something I would consent to,” she added.



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