Stop being selfish, Olara Otunnu tells opposition

Olara Otunnu

Former presidential candidate Olara A. Otunnu has said the opposition in Uganda still has a long way to go and can only achieve its goals by doing away with selfishness.

The seasoned politician, diplomat, and lawyer was also the President of the Uganda People’s Congress [UPC] political party from 2010 to 2015.

He stood as the party’s candidate in the 2011 presidential election.

Speaking to NBS television on Thursday January 2, 2020, Otunnu said his preoccupation isn’t about party politics “because what we are faced with right now is much deeper than that”.

Victoria University

“We must look at Uganda as a whole beyond all those affiliations. We must look at how to mend and redeem the broken society for it to work for our people,” he noted.

According to Otunnu, the opposition has made progress, but it has a long way to go.

He said a lot has been done, but more remains to be done.

“We need to focus on the big picture, try to suppress more selfish wants in favour of the people of Uganda. That is what the opposition needs to do.”

His plea to all political leaders is to keep their eyes on the big picture, on the obscene disparity in Uganda.

“The last many years in our politics has been marked by consistent violence,” he pointed out.

He added: “Can we have a political environment where people can disagree without resorting to violence?”



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