Kampala hospital is my life line, Besigye eulogises founder Prof Kanyerezi

Besigye pays his last respects

By Ronald Muhinda

President Kizza Besigye Wednesday January 1, 2019 attended the funeral service for the Late Prof. Bwogi Richard Kanyerezi, who passed away on 30th December 2019, aged 85.

Kizza Besigye, in his eulogy, said he has “greatest respect for the Late Prof. Kanyerezi” calling him “industrious, consistent and entrepreneurial”.

Besigye also praised Prof Kanyerezi for offering him medical services for as long as he has been in the struggle against Mr. Museveni junta.

Victoria University

“Since I started opposing Mr. Museveni, I have survived on the hospital established by Prof. Kanyerezi. His hospital has been my life line. If Kampala Hospital didn’t exist, I don’t know how we would have survived all these years”, Besigye said.

Prof. Kanyerezi was the founder of Kololo based Hospital, Kampala Hospital.

Besigye appreciated Prof. Kanyerezi’a philosophy of doing proper vetting on people to understand how they were raised before working with them or giving them offices.

“Although I initially disagreed with him of that philosophy, thinking it was elitist, I now appreciate why he emphasised it. Part of the problem we are struggling with today is dealing with people whom we never vetted to know if they were well nurtured. Growing up in broken families has also had a bad effect of people on in their adulthood.”

Prof. Bwogi Richard Kanyerezi will be laid to rest today, Thursday January 2, 2019.



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