2020: opposition readies people’s revolution


We rejoice with those who ended this year alive and also successfully ended the Christmas festivities. We wish to congratulate those who have registered landmark achievements and/or successes. We want to commend Ugandans especially in the sports fraternity that amidst misrule and total neglect, these patriotic ambassadors have persevered to lift our national flag with pride.

We mourn and Sympathise with those who have lost dear ones or battled various ailments. Particularly; those who have died mysteriously as a result of a state sponsored insecurity. We cry for the rest of Ugandans for Maria Nagirinya and many murdered like her. Its on record that 21 Ugandans die per day throughout the year, those are 7,665 of only reported cases!

There is a cluster of other Ugandans who have been killed extrajudicially by the Police and Army and these include Ssebulime among other. One day, and that is going to be soon, those responsible will stand in the dock and will be answerable. We also mourn Ugandans who have lost lives through road carnages as a result of our poor roads. The 18 women dying in labour and their babies who cant live to see their first birthdays. These 35 years of the Junta shall forever be remembered as a period when the Angel of death and misery visited every home, where every Ugandan had to shed a tear, the MPAAWO ATALIKAABA BUS and its merciless driver Museveni.

It has been yet another painful year living under a juntaship that captured our State and Nation to further betray the independence that was fought for by our fathers. It is quite sad that we lost the 1962 Independence and the 1971, 1979 and 1986 liberation struggles to fellow black colonialists led by Milton Obote, Idi Amin and now Museveni. There is a ray of hope that the struggle for the second independence /liberation struggle is on and we are at a very critical stage of this battle.


To us the Activists of change operating under the People’s Government, 2019 has been a year when we chose actions over words and indeed when we take good stock, we celebrate a list of achievements that have seen us completing the second phase of the struggle which focused more on setting up covert and overt People’s Government structures from village to National across the Country. These are the structures that are going to sustain the third and final stage of the struggle where we are duty bound to galvanise all our efforts to undertake DOUBLE-ACTION to dismantle and demobilise the Dictatorship in Uganda.

As we embark on this stage of the War, we choose HOPE over DESPAIR, LOVE over HATE and COMMITMENT TO PARTICIPATE over INDIFFERENCE. Even when the temptation is high, even when it looks quicker, even when there are Ugandans and allies ready to sponsor an armed struggle against the State capture we face, our choice is to undertake the tedious and torturous yet very effective NON VIOLENT STRUGGLE to achieve for ourselves a PEOPLE’s REVOLUTION in Uganda. This is our War to fight and win but if need be, this is the War we shall die fighting. In this decisive year we shall push back anyone who stands in our way to freedom.

Those calling on some people to retire from War should mark our words, we say we need all Ugandans at the frontline; old and young, men and women, all Ugandans from the North, East, West and Central. No one else should fight for us, each one of us should fight to liberate him/herself from the bondages of slavery, we must fight for ourselves, we should fight for us to free ourselves; each one of us must take a vow and swear that “This is MY-WAR at heart and nobody else but I, will fight this war for MY SELF and for US”.

Ugandans must learn to appreciate that they will only own the next government if they fight for THEMSELVES, we say NO MORE LIBERATORS, WE ARE SETTING OFF THIS YEAR 2020 TO DOUBLE OUR ACTION FOR SELF-LIBERATION. The promise for 2021 must be secured in 2020, not in any other year.

Today we announce the decisive battle and the advancement towards liberation and setting ourselves free. We shall advance now, you and me; each one of us fighting his war and as we advance for liberation we shall not follow the destructive calendar of the oppressor but we shall systematically and religiously follow our own calendar.

Even when you talk about elections, we shall not move by the junta’s calendar. You remember his calendar through his Parliamentary group of sycophants priory dictated that the elections will take place in 2023. However by defiance, we said NO by reversing the same wish to 2021 and therefore we only have ourselves to thank for the possibility of an election in 2021.

Even with this hyped promise of the general elections in 2021, we shall not lose coherence, we shall continue in defiance to work for a decisive revolution against this dictatorship, against violation of our rights and freedom. We are not available for every type of elections, we are only available for FREE and FAIR elections and we are not relenting in our struggle for the same.

The question now is: Will the People be subjugated? The answer is NO, the People will not be subjugated, but will finally emerge victorious. When is the war ending? The answer is, the War against dictatorship will be a protracted one however, it will end as soon as all of us aggressively get up to fight our war.

Through double action and effort, we are set to wear down the enemy to the point of collapse through continuous engagements at all fronts including appealing to the international community. At this front, we are happy to announce that the recently launched campaign to petition ICC is at its final stages. We called on the people to give us 2 Million signatures and returns coming in show that Ugandans have willingly given us those signatures exceedingly challenging the targeted two millions.

Our next stop on this venture will be The Hague but this will be after a series of activities to fully mobilise the Country for this mission. This is a Ugandan People’s case and not a case for a few of us. The Deputy President will brief the Country about the latest developments regarding this matter in a few days to come.

I continue to implore you to relentlessly fight human rights abuse and the regime that swerved off the rule of law rail. We continue to witness Courts of Judicature failing to serve the interests of the majority ordinary citizenry, corruption and embezzlement continues to be the order of the day and there is no formal expression of disapproving the same apart from merely walking.

The suspects have not been reprimanded, they have obviously been exempted from the legally prescribed injurious consequences of such actions of impunity. The Police and Army have the law in their hands and have facilitated land grabbing at the barrel of the gun, unfortunately the junta has surreptitiously responded. There is a litany of transgressions and I am quite confident you may know these better than me and this is why we have to say in unison, enough is enough.

In conclusion, let me summarise the People’s Government proposals as we enter 2020. Our Mission this new year is to work together with other forces of change to come up with a common front, common strategies, common activities and its our sincere hope that each one of us performing his/her role; these might be different but complimentary roles that shall soon realise the collapse of this junta and effectually give ourselves a Transitional Government that will lay the foundation for a NEW UGANDA that works for every Ugandan.


Power to the People Now!

A statement from the people’s government as we embark on the year of double action 2020 that formed the body of the address Dr. Kizza Besigye made on the 30th December 2019 at the end of year press conference held at Kasangati.



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