UPDF recruits told to defend all tribes

Mr William Komakech the Resident District Commissioner of Kitgum

Mr William Komakech the Resident District Commissioner of Kitgum district has told the over 300 youths who came to join the UPDF that the military is a pillar of the state and it must have ideologically sound personnel who have their country and its Leadership at heart.

“You are either patriotic or you don’t waste our time,” Komakech roared.

The RDC also warned the youths never to despise any job and added that any job if done with commitment will make one prosper that is why when the army announces recruitment you the people must join ready to be committed to serve.

On his part Lt Col Regard Ssejemba the exercise team leader told the candidates that UPDF is a tribe superior to all the tribes mentioned in the constitution because in UPDF all these tribes are represented.

Victoria University

It is because of this factor that UPDF is called a national force in character with one language of command.

To those who qualified he said; “our identity now is not Acholi by tribe rather Ugandans by nationality because of our job description of defending all the tribes of Uganda”.

A total of 27 recruits were taken from Kitgum center representing districts of Kitgum and Lamwo.


The District Internal Security Officer for Kamuli, Lt Khasifa Cheptoek said the exercise was conducted without hiccups and with ultimate cooperation between the local population, security teams and political leadership.

She said the mobilization for the recruitment exercise was well done that resulted in the large numbers that turned up to be recruited.

The recruitment team was supported by the District Internal Security Officers from the three districts, local council leaders at different levels and Gombolola Internal Security Officers who made significant contribution in the screening process of the candidates.

The Chairman Local Council V Kapochorwa District Mr. Sonko Christopher Chepkrui has called on those who qualified to join UPDF to insist on discipline as the only trick of progressing in the military career.

“It is getting more difficult to join UPDF these days than it has ever been. Those who get the chance, grab it with two hands and hold it firmly. Your discipline will count in your career progression, it is the only trick.”

The chairman said this while handing over 400 youths to a UPDF recruitment team on it’s third leg in Eastern Uganda.

The prospective candidates gathered at Kapchorwa Secondary School to compete for the 25 slots.

The team headed by Brigadier General Deus Sande faced the challenge of selecting the best prospective soldiers from the many hundreds who turned up.

“You are now soldiers and the earlier you start behaving like soldiers the better for you in your early hours of the career. Count yourself lucky to be among the selected few,” he advised them.

Unlike other regions, a huge number of relatives, civil and political leaders thronged the recruitment grounds to witness the exercise which was highly rated as transparent.

The gathering braved the scotching sun till sunset when the successful candidates boarded the waiting military troop carriers to the training school.

The UPDF recruitment team will head to Bugisu sub region today Tuesday 31st Dec 2019 for the same exercise.



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