Mabikke denies fall out with Mao

Mike Mabikke

Michael Mabikke, one of the leaders in the Democratic Party (DP) alliance, has denied falling out with DP President General Norbert Mao.

“There is no fall out between me and Mao. However, there is no one moment where all of you can understand the things at a go,” Mabikke said Tuesday while appearing on NBS television.

The former Makindye East Member of Parliament said the DP BLOC is the most robust body. “We are not gunmen, we are fighting gunmen.”

According to Mabikke, the closest relative to the DP BLOC is People Power and that 2020 is going to be a year of news.

Victoria University

“The People Power wave is our (DP BLOC) own creation and the world came to know about them from Arua when we went and campaigned for Kassiano Wadri,” he pointed out.

“We have a label of historicals in the People Power movement.”

Mabikke said there are people including Charles Rwomushana [former spymaster] who have contributed to the entrenchment of the NRA state and they are even angrier than the opposition.

“When they come to this side, they say things are impossible. I would like to tell people that it is possible to get rid of President Museveni.”

He said the struggle to get Museveni out of power is continuous.

“Although space is limited, we are making strides. The biggest achievement in 2019 is that we have been able to seat people down and give them a message. It is this very message that is changing the countryside.”



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