Dead Bududa chairman returns in dream, directs family to his body

Ibrahim Ssenyonya, the operations manager - Bududa response.

Uganda Red Cross Society on Friday dug up another body from the rubbles in Hewasalsi village, in Bududa district, eastern Uganda which was recently hit by deadly landslides.

The body is that of Mzee Titus Muyonga, 62 years old (RIP), who was the Chairman LC1 and also doubled as the Community traditional healer.

The body was discovered at around 6pm Friday evening, about 300m away (north) from where the other 26 bodies were dug by the search and rescue team (excavator).

“His relative approached the Uganda Red Cross family tracing desk to register him as missing,” said Ibrahim Ssenyonya, the operations manager – Bududa response.

Victoria University

However, another relative insisted that the late appears to him in a dream directing him where the body is.

“We offered psychosocial support to them and they got a hoe and stated digging”.

The family members picked a hoe and the exercise of digging the alleged area kicked off.

“The body was then discovered in the exact place,” Ssenyonya confirmed.

He said this brings the total of missing persons to 10 and 27 dead bodies.



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