Thugs knife & rob women, whites at Entebbe beaches

Police marines and Red Cross personnel

Uganda Red Cross Society and Police Marine Unit Thursday evening swung into action after unknown thugs attacked people at beaches in Entebbe municipality, Wakiso district.

Red Cross said 10 people were injured when knife-wielding thugs attacked and robbed revellers on different beaches in Entebbe on Boxing Day.

Most of the victims were women and foreigners. The incidents happened about 5pm.

A group of youth armed with daggers were seen attacking and cutting revellers and forcefully taking away their possessions including money. Mostly they attacked women and foreigners.

Victoria University

“Our Response action teams in Entebbe last evening monitoring different beaches where a number of incidents were managed and lives saved,” Red Cross said in a tweet.

It added: “Thanks to Marine Police for beefing up our efforts. 4 cases of near drowning rescued. 10 cases of attacks rescued. 6 Road Traffic Accident Accidents [RTAs]. 3 referrals.”

In total, 26 people were rescued from drowning in Lake Victoria at Aero, Lido and Spenah beaches in Entebbe and Kalangala District during Christmas and Boxing Day festivities.



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