Museveni takes bazukulu grazing at Rwakitura farm

Museveni grazing with grandkids

President Museveni on Thursday [Boxing Day] took his grandchildren to Rwakitura farm to teach them about grazing and culture of the Ankole people.

“At Rwakitura farm apprising the Bazukulu (grandchildren) on our tekwaro (heritage),” he said.

Museveni urged parents to use this festive season with the presence of many holidaymakers to tip the younger generation on “our culture, heritage, and instil in them the values of discipline and hard work”.

He said they could graze together while engaging on social and cultural issues.

Victoria University

“This is the best time our parents would use to pass on important knowledge.”

He added: “I call upon parents to engage with our young people during this period.”



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