Archbishop Ntagali: their motto now is ‘For God and my stomach’

Outgoing Arch Bishop of the Church of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali

His Grace Rev Stanley Ntagali Wednesday December 25, 2019 shared his last Christmas message as Archbishop of the Church of Uganda with Christians at All Saints Cathedral, Nakasero.

“With the coming of Jesus Christ, we attain our true identity by becoming sons and daughters of Jesus Christ,” said Ntagali.

He said many people in the country are so greedy and yet greed gives birth to corruption.

“The Moto is “For God and my country” but some have turned it into “For God and my stomach”,” not Rt Rev Ntagali.

Victoria University

He said many people prefer to reject the light and follow the World’s darkness.

“Evil is dominating in our families, around the World, there is no place that is safe. There are conflicts and wars all over the World.”

According to Ntagali, the bible makes it clear, marriage is between a man and a woman and “we shall maintain that truth until the return of Jesus Christ, we should not try to add things in the Bible”.

He said many couples are divorcing and many children are living as orphans and yet they still have their parents.

“We need to love our children and advocate for their rights because many of them do not have someone to listen to them.”

He said politics has now become commercialised because some politicians give so much money but that is cheap politics, “we want to vote people on merit, the right people who will represent us in parliament”.



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