Besigye meets his look-alike Kenyan ‘son’

Besigye and Ochieng at Namboole [New Vision photo]

The 15th anniversary for Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] also became a meeting chance for opposition figure Kizza Besigye and his Kenyan look-alike Jeff Ochieng.

Now dubbed as “Besigye’s son”, Ochieng who bears a remarkeable resemblance with the FDC strongman, on Monday travelled all the way from Kenya to have a chance of meeting Besigye again.

The first met in 2014 after a New Vision story of 22-year-old Kenyan photojournalist searching for his father.

Today, they met at Namboole National Stadium once more.

Besigye and Ochieng in 2014
Victoria University

Ochieng told New Vision for years, he had been with a question of whether he was Besigye’s son or not given the striking resemblance.

“Though we did not discuss much, he pledged to continue to contact me,” Ochieng told New Vision after a photo moment with Besigye at Namboole.

In 2014, Ochieng spent three months trying to know if there is any chance that Dr. Kizza Besigye is his dad.

Ochieng was working as a photojournalist for Standard Media Group then.

He has never met his father and never got the chance to ask his mother Elisha Adhiambo who died close to 15 years ago.

His mother worked at the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

He was raised by an uncle Julius Ombajo, who is an IT expert.

A resident of Umoja Estate in Nairobi, Ochieng went to Umoja 1 Primary School.

Eight years later, he joined Maina Wanjigi Secondary School in Eastleigh before going to college to study photojournalism.

His job at the Standard newspaper was his first.

Ochieng resembles Besigye even more than his actual son Anselm

Coming to Uganda

When The Standard sent him to Kampala on assignment, people aboard the Kampala-bound bus, quizzed him on whether he knew Besigye.

He said when he was in school, his classmates called him by the same name and since he shared his Uganda experience his Standard workmates took to addressing him as Besigye.

Besigye joined the National Resistance Army after leaving a medical job at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi.

But Besigye told New Vision: “I have never fathered anyone in Nairobi. There are many people who resemble me, but that does not necessarily mean I fathered them. I saw something like that (Ochieng’s photo) on the Internet and indeed the man resembles me. But that cannot make him my son.”

The two managed to link up and have a long chat.



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