New Ugandan movie tackles extramarital affairs, sexual harassment


In May this year, the Ministry of Justice was rocked by a sexual harassment scandal that took the country by storm.  

Samantha Mwesigye, a Senior State Attorney, accused Christopher Gashirabake, the Director of Legal Affairs in Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs of sexually harassing her for several years.

The scandal attracted the attention of parliament which was already investigating sex for marks in public institutions.

Director Kihire [2nd left] poses with his cast

Ugandan film director Kennedy Kihire grabbed this topic when it was still hot and made a feature film “TSU’PA” out of it to condemn the vice and raise awareness.

Victoria University

Kihire told that he intends to release TSU’PA next year in May.

“I just finished filming it. We are still working on it,” he noted.

He also shared the film’s first promotional material which shows great potential.


Living among a fusty married couple, an unusually cunning bestman gets between Gibson’s job and wife. Leo has a crush on Linda.

Gibson gets to know about their secret dates. Gibson and Linda’s marriage is affected by their affair.

The film seeks to encourage women and girls to speak out against sexual harassment at the work place.

The film stars actors like John Wayne Muganza, Kuddzu Isaac, Munira Bux (of Radiocity and Kwese tv), Mutebi Andrew Elvis, Aganza Kisaka, Nakazzi Gloriah, Kinani Denis to mention but afew.

Actor Mutebi rehearsing

About Kihire

Kihire is the CEO of Ray Studio Inc which he started in May 2015.

He is a Filmmaker/CEO of Kihiray Pictures [March 2011] under which his movies have been produced.

Some of his movies include; Hang Out, New Intentions, Over My Dead Body.

He worked with Fast Track Productions Media as a film director between 2014 – April 2017.

Setting up a bedroom scene

He directed “The Hostel” series (season4:90 episodes),5@Home (Season 1,Episode 1), Are you not a man (season 1,Episode 1-4) Balikoowa in the city; season 1;26 episodes (Spark tv).

Kihire also directed and produced seven documentaries for the SCORE (AVSI-USAID) project.

Kihire further worked with Zac Film Studios, Wiz Arts Media as a Film Director/Screenwriter between June 2010 – July 2011.

He has a Bachelors of Arts Literature & Social Anthropology from Makerere University.



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