Maracha picks Museveni for 2021, Lumumba chides double-dealers

Kasule Lumumba

The NRM Secretary General Rt Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba has called upon the people of Maracha to make their leaders accountable in order to ensure proper service delivery in their areas.

“Ensure that you hold these leaders accountable, because if you don’t hold them accountable they will not deliver to your satisfaction. It’s within the mandate of these leaders to serve you”. She added.

Lumumba made the call while addressing over 1000 Maracha district party leaders at Yivu Sub County Headquarters in Maracha East Constituency.

She said that effective service delivery is the key to consolidating the party’s massive grassroots support among the Population in the area.

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The SG was accompanied by the party Deputy National Treasurer Dr Kenneth Olusegun Omona.

In her speech, Lumumba who spoke at length about service delivery as an engine to development, appealed to the leaders to use all the available channels to make sure that people don’t yearn for service delivery in their respective areas.

Lumumba on a boda boda

She advised leaders to strategize and use the available government programmes to empower their communities.

She appealed to the leadership to always reconcile with one another in case of any small misunderstandings and avoid being double dealers.

“I want you to represent the principals of the party. If you have a small mis-understanding with one another seek forgiveness and move forward. Don’t be NRM during day and at night you’re a different thing,” she advised

The SG thanked the people of Maracha for overwhelmingly supporting and voting NRM both in the 2016 Presidential elections and the recently concluded LC and Women Council elections.

She urged them to continue supporting the NRM Government to ensure accelerated progress in their areas.

The SG reaffirmed the Party’s commitment and continued support towards monitoring Government programs/ projects to make sure they reach on the very last person.

She urged the leaders to remain focused on serving their people and tasked them to always go back to their electorates to find out and forward issues that hinder effective service delivery in their respective areas so that they can be followed up and addressed.

Lumumba highlighted that when leaders work hand in hand with the locals, this does not only speed up development in their areas but also ensures a good working relationship between the two parties.

She thanked the Party structures for the massive mobilization of the delegates before handing over a token of UGX 20m on behalf of the party Chairman H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to meet part of the meeting costs.

The NRM Deputy national Treasurer Dr Kenneth Omona called upon leaders, to always know the issues affecting their voters.

Omona said as leaders, it’s their responsibility to always find out issues affecting their people and forwarding them to the relevant authorities to be worked on.

He thanked the organizers for the unity showed in coordinating the activities of the meeting and urged them to continue supporting NRM and remain dedicated cadres.

On her part, Hon Amaka Rose Atima, the district Woman Member of Parliament thanked the Secretary General for honouring their Invitation to preside over at their function.

She said her visit had not only re-energized the party structures but also awakened them ahead of the 2021 elections.

“When the Secretary General is here, the party is here” she said.  I want to thank the Secretary General for coming to interact with the leaders on issues pertaining the district.  We are very grateful for that,” she added.

Hon Amaka pledged before the party leaders that the people of Maracha will continue supporting and voting NRM because of the peace, development and security in the area.

She was also quick to heap praise for the Party top Organ the Central Executive Committee (CEC) for passing a resolution endorsing President Museveni as the Party’s Sole Candidate.

During the same meeting, the leaders tabled and passed a resolution endorsing President Museveni as their Sole Candidate.

The meeting was also addressed by the District RDC Ms Esther Soyet, the district Vice NRM chairperson Mr Acidri Buga Killi among other party and district leaders.

In appreciation of her speech, SG Lumumba was showered with several gifts.

The meeting ran under the theme: “To  consolidate  the achievements  of  the  party  and  promoting  harmony within  the  party  structures”:



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