Tanzanian millionaire Mufuruki dies in South Africa

Ali Mufuruki died in South Africa on December 7, 2019

By The Citizen

One of Tanzania’s dollar millionaires and chairman for Infotech Investment Group, Ali Mufuruki, has died in South Africa.

Mr Mufuruki, who founded CEO Roundtable of Tanzania (CEOrt) and Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) East Africa died on Saturday night at Montnigside Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa.

CEOrt Chairman Sanjay Rughani confirmed Mr Mufuruki’s death on Sunday.


Victoria University

“Dear board members: This is news I would never have wanted to break to you but our dear friend Ali Mufuruki passed on last night at Morningside Hospital, Johannesburg in South Africa,” Mr Rughani said in his message to members of CEOrt.

He said Mr Mufuruki fell ill while in Dar es Salaam and was rushed to The Aga Khan Hospital and was later evacuated to South Africa on Saturday afternoon.



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