Museveni promises nurses grants, low-interest loans

President Museveni

President Museveni Saturday attended the Lubega Institute of Nursing and Health Professionals’ 1st graduation ceremony at Busei village, Nakalama sub-county in Iganga district.

Having attended such a ceremony, Museveni said he was inclined to pose a question: “How are jobs and wealth acquired?”

He said jobs and wealth can be acquired from four sectors, namely; Commercial Agriculture, Industrialisation, services, and ICT.

“I have been launching a number of industries recently, we are also going to open a shoemaking industry at Kawumu.”

Victoria University

Museveni said it is high time different projects are initiated. For there is a need for market expansion for Ugandan products.

“Take, for instance, the production of refined sugar is too high, now we need to start processing pharmaceutical grade sugar and industrial-grade sugar.”

There is also a need to consider other products like sugarcane juice, while another innovation would be making paper out of the sugarcane husks, Museveni noted.

He said for services, like nursing, medical services, and hotel management, the government will support people through grants and loans at low-interest rates.



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