Ekanya: military, NRM cadres backing Museveni ICC indictment

Geoffrey Ekanya

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] politician Geoffrey Ekanya says some of the military officials and members of the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] are encouraging President Museveni’s indictment.  

Ekanya who served as Tororo North parliamentary legislator, was recently appearing on NBS television to speak on the petition by the People’s Government that seeks to drag President Museveni to the International Criminal Court [ICC] for crimes against humanity.

“The crimes committed have been consistent, we have evidence. If the prosecutor conducts investigations and there is no basis, NRM shouldn’t be anxious because the case will be dismissed,” Ekanya said.

Ekanya explained that opposition is not only seeking signatures from the opposition but citizens as well.


He said the crime that has been committed doesn’t only affect the opposition, it affects Ugandans as well.

“Several people within the military and the NRM are the ones encouraging the action to indict Museveni,” Ekanya noted.

He added: “We have been prepared for it and don’t take it lightly because people have died before.

According to Ekanya, this issue of ICC shouldn’t create too much excitement because the ICC prosecutor has to conduct continuous investigation around the world.

“Investigations on this matter aren’t only for FDC members but Uganda at large. Politics determines the legal status. We are just making our contribution.”

He encouraged those who believe “Justice is for the vigilante” to “please sign the petition by clicking the link below” http://chng.it/TvsjhK9Lck.

Meanwhile, former Lands Minister, Daniel Omara Atubo is also appealing to Ugandans to sign the People’s Government petition seeking to drag Museveni to The Hague.

Atubo says that the alleged crimes must be on record.

By the end of November, the Peoples Government had gathered over 876,204 signatures from several districts across the Country to the central collection centre.

“We continue receiving reports of intimidation and arrests of our leaders spear heading the petition signing activities most especially in Kasese District where the Junta killed hundreds in 2016,” PG said in a statement.

“All the citizen’s agents handling the petition signing exercise in their respective areas are encouraged to keep resolute and report any form of intimidation to our legal team.”

Unknown people broke into FDC offices in Najjanankumbi and stole files and computers while in Kasese security operatives publicly confiscated ICC forms from FDC office in broad daylight.



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