Eastern Africa standby force to join floods fight

The chairman of the friends of EASF Col Joern Rasmussen called for joint efforts to fight floods

Hon Adolf Mwesige Minister for Defense and Veteran Affairs Friday closed the 27th policy organs meeting for the Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF).

The meetings, that have been running since Monday 2nd Dec 2019 with teams of experts meeting also saw Chiefs of Defence Forces and Inspector Generals of Police of the EASF countries also meet mid-week.

In the meeting, Hon Mwesige reassured the Delegates that Uganda was still committed to the cause of pan Africanism and African unity.

He reminded the members on how the Eastern Africa region had been embroiled with violent conflicts in the last two decades, which had stagnated social economic transformation of the region.

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He however added that the region has new security challenges manifested in, among others, terrorism, refugee crisis, cross border crimes, piracy and human trafficking.

He therefore told members that, addressing the above challenges required concerted efforts from all member states of EASF.

While addressing the meeting, the Hon minister of National Defence and War veterans of the Republic of Burundi Mr.Emnanuel Ntahumvukiye who is also the outgoing chairman of the council of ministers of defence of EASF member states thanked Uganda for the hospitality accorded to all the delegates.

He mentioned that, EASF was more prepared than before as a standby force, with a lot of human resource capacity.

He however mentioned that, there was still a lot to be done in as far as diplomatic capacity to prevent and resolve conflicts was concerned.

He concluded by requesting member states, to contribute their financial obligations for the smooth running of EASF activities.

The chairman of the friends of EASF Col Joern Rasmussen extended the friends of EASF’s sympathy to the people of EASF member states that have been affected by floods.

On that note, he pleaded to EASF to prepare to respond to natural disasters to help her people in case of similar disasters.

He reassured the members that, the end of the support of the military component by 2020 was not the end of the partnership between friends of EASF, and EASF but rather the start.

The Director EASF, Dr Abdulahi Omar Bouh in his remarks thanked Uganda for the hospitality and warmth of its people.

He reiterated his commitment to take EASF to new heights in terms of achieving its vision.

The 27th policy organs meeting also saw the handover of the chairmanship of council of ministers of defence to Comoros.

Outgoing office holders were awarded certificates of appreciation.

The 28th POM of EASF will be held in March 2020 in Grand Comore, the capital of Comoros.



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