Bantariza: corruption is dinosaur, rich are most corrupt

Shaban Bantariza

Deputy Government Spokesperson, Rtd Col Shaban Bantariza, has said all government officials are supportive of the “Anti-Corruption Walk” because corruption is a weevil which is not selective.

“It takes everything that has value. It is a disease that isn’t easy to fight from one stratum,” he said Saturday while appearing on Next Media owned Nxt Radio programme “NxtBigTalk”.

Bantariza said corruption is a disease government has tried to fight institutionally.

“In my view, the walk [led by President Museveni to Kololo] was a mobilisation drive to show that everybody needs to join the struggle.”

Victoria University

“It is a dinosaur we must all tackle because it’s in our homes as well. Funny how people with a lot in life are the most corrupt.”

Bantariza said corruption is a manifestation of levels of selfishness.

“Today, everybody thinks that if you go to the government, you are going to get whatever you can. This is a very corrupt mindset.”

He went on: “We need to sensitive the public that our economic basket will never fill if we keep perforating it.”

According to Bantariza, the disaster has this time occurred in Rwenzori and Kigezi as well.

“This emergency has been nationwide. Lots of communities have lost their crops. The cost is high.”

Appearing on the same programme, Benjamin Rukwengye, the founder and CEO of “Boundless Minds”, said it doesn’t matter who is at State House.

Benjamin Rukwengye

“They aren’t going to deal with this issue in this current legal dispensation we are in,” noted Rukwengye who mentors young people through training and community service work, to develop their character, employability and entrepreneurial skills.

“I don’t even think it is possible to win a presidential election in this country without corruption. I worry that I don’t think we are ever going to have a powerful a president as Museveni,” he went on.

According to Rukwengye, however, with all of this power, he still positions himself to be as powerless as the next president.



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