Bobi Wine backs gays, says Museveni has outdone Amin

Bobi Wine appearing on SABC TV

To Uganda now, where musician -turned politician, Robert Kyagulanyi better known as Bobi Wine, is confident of winning the 2021 elections.

The 37 year old opposition leader will go against veteran leader President Yoweri Museveni.

Bobi Wine arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa on Wednesday ahead of the Freedom Foundation Africa’s Africa Freedom Award 2019 ceremony today, Friday.

He held an interview with SABC, South Africa’s biggest TV station, and spoke on the struggle for freedom and democracy in Uganda.

Victoria University

Bobi Wine told SABC he doesn’t like to be called a politician because the word has been “reduced to lies and the manipulation of the voter”.

Asked why he decided to run for presidency, Bobi Wine said he found it necessary to demonstrate the will to change the statuesque which he called apathetic.

“I would rather not be seen as a politician but as one of the many Ugandan young men who had to rise to the occasion and right the wrongs.”

“In terms of brutality, lack of rule of law and disrespect of human rights, I think Museveni has outdone Idi Amin,” Bobi Wine said.

He said Ugandans were extrajudicially killed in Amin’s regime saying it is the same with Museveni’s government.

“Amin declared himself life president and was president for 7 years. You have seen Museveni changing the constitution to make himself a life president as well.”

Asked why he is confident of winning 2021 elections, Bobi Wine said it is now an exodus from the old to the young and from the impossible to the possible.

On gays  

Asked on the issue of homosexuals, Bobi Wine said whereas he does not agree with gays, he respects their rights.

Host: There is a question from Sibonello Trower saying “Where does he stand when it comes to protecting the rights of LGBTIQ persons in his country? Or should he be the president?”

Bobi Wine: I believe that one has the responsibility of guarding the rights of all citizens of those who are like you and those that are not like you. I believe that as a leader, a high level of tolerance is required to make sure the nation comes together.

As president, I think one has the responsibility to guard the rights of all people. I believe in tolerance. I think that all human beings are human beings and rights are rights.

Asked on tolerance of gays, Bobi Wine said leadership is about standing with other people’s positions and respect for everyone.



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