Museveni publicly admitted failure to end graft- Muntu

Muntu addresses press

Alliance for National Transformation-Uganda [ANT] party founder Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu says only two good things happened Wednesday at Kololo during the anti-corruption walk led by President Museveni.

“1. Gen. Museveni has publicly admitted that he has failed to find a solution against corruption and therefore crying out for attention,” Muntu noted.

He added: “2. Is that the regime has publicly admitted that it has failed to root out corruption, and therefore, it’s is a public outcry for salvage and an act of desperation”.

Speaking during the leadership induction in Bugisu district, Muntu wondered “what more is to be said about the failures of a government if its leaders find themselves publicly walking in protest of their own failures?”

Victoria University

He said this is the result of power that should be wielded by institutions being vested in a single individual.

“It’s time for change.”

Muntu is currently holding sub region leadership trainings and meetings with the intention of broadening ANT networks and continue with his path for grassroot mobilisation.

Good people pushed out of politics

Last week, ANT leaders from the 5 divisions of Kampala district converged at the Party Head Office on Buganda RD plot 87 for an Induction training.

“We cannot afford to build ANT around an individual because in the end we know that what can keep the Party vibrant for many years is not the strong people therein but rather the conviction of every leader/ member in it’s [Party] values and mission. We are building a Party that will stay forever because #TheFutureIsPurple,” Muntu said.

He said many good people have been pushed out of politics. Many of them can’t come out because they view politics as a murky game.

“But these people should know that whether you are in Chambers as a lawyer, hospital like doctors, schools like teachers If they don’t join politics, the wrong elements will come in and fill the vacuum and ruin the country.”

He told Kampala district ANT leaders that these people must join politics and participate to change the course of this country.

Muntu opens ANT Tooro office

In Luweero, the  ANT National Coordinator had this to say;

“We have lived in a country where there is deficiency of honesty among leaders and the population has reached a level where they think that every politician is a liar and when we talk about these values [honesty, transparency, democracy, equality before the law], it’s hard for them to believe us.”

He went on: “When a minister or a permanent secretary leaves government without material wealth, people say he is a fool. That shows how deep this political culture has dented our society.”

According to Muntu, if an organisation that is seeking to take power has majority of the people that think like that, then that organisation can’t change this country for the good of every citizen.

“As Alliance, we understand that challenge. It’s enormous but not insurmountable.”

H.E Amb. Edith.G.Ssempala, National Coordinator Women League and Ms. Nattabi Mariam, Women League Coordinator for Buganda region challenged male ANT leaders to recruit their immediate female relatives including their wives into the Party.

“We are a Party that believes in values. We also believe in empowering women to take up leadership roles in the Party. Before you recruit other women, start with your sisters, aunts, grandmothers, daughters and wives. They need to join politics because if anything goes wrong, they’re the most affected.”

Tooro office

Muntu earlier opened a branch office for Tooro subregion and held ANT leadership training in Fort Portal.

“We are focussing on establishing ourselves at village, Parish and sub-county levels,” he said.

Muntu said his intention is to field candidates in all electoral positions in the country because we know that when a Party is well branded,50% of the work that candidates would have done, will already be done.

“This is why we are focussed on the Party and not individuals.”



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