Obesity is also corruption, says Museveni

Museveni stretching

President Museveni has said being obese [fat] is also a sign that some one is possibly corrupt.

“I think obesity is also part of corruption,” Museveni said on Wednesday while leading an anti-corruption walk at Kololo independence grounds.

According to Museveni, obesity among some public servants was also a sign of corruption.

“I have decided to cut weight. I was 106kgs, now I am now 76kgs. I think obesity is also a sign of corruption,” he noted.

Victoria University

Museveni said people with money can be corrupt and that many of them are corrupt.

Political, judicial and administrative leaders should create a material base for our people to get out of acute need, he noted.

“The laws are in place. I don’t think there’s a law we haven’t put in the statute books. The problem is with implementation.”

He told all institutions fighting corruption not to recruit people based on paper qualifications but recruit based on integrity.

“Be thorough in your investigations, because you let us down when you do shoddy work.”

He said another problem is supervision and that these units are not supervised.

“There has been poor supervision and tasking in the police,” Museveni said.

He added: “People shouldn’t relax simply because I haven’t arrested them yet. I am still gathering evidence against them.”



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