Museveni opens CCTV command centre, warns lousy cops


The President of Uganda and the Commander in Chief Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Thursday commissioned the national CCTV command monitoring centre and the building at Police Headquarters in Naguru.

He said Kampala Metropolitan alone has 83 monitoring centres, 522 operators under 50 commanders.

“I tested the system with an impromptu demand that they show me surveillance feed for Gobero and Namayumba, 33 miles from Kampala, on Hoima Road, which they did successfully,” he said.

“It is evident that we are well on our way to tightening the noose on criminals who had become daring, including those who unfortunately thought they would use crime to discredit the NRM.”

Victoria University

Museveni said the good news is that this is just the beginning.

In the next phase, government will cover 27 municipalities, major highways and towns.

However, the best technology does not substitute dedication and patriotism.

“Our next effort will be geared towards cleaning up the security and enforcement agencies.”

He said those who feel that they are not passionate about Ugandans are free to get out of the police, “or we shall get them out”.

“This is why I have asked that the police stations themselves are fitted with surveillance systems right from the front desks.”

He added: “This should help us weed out the people who are responsible for the broken link between the public and the police.”



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