Police, LDU surround Nambooze home over ICC petition

Police sealing off Nambooze's home

Police and Local Defence Unit [LDU] officers have Friday surrounded the home of Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze to block her press conference.

Nambooze had called the presser to launch the signing of the petition to take President Museveni to the International Criminal Court [ICC] for gross violation of human rights and crimes against humanity.

On Monday, Nambooze took to social media in her “Madam Teacher’s News Platform” and urged followers to ask her questions regarding the petition recently launched by the People’s Government led by Kizza Besigye.

“In today’s segment of Madam Teachers Class, I will be answering some of your questions on the recent petition that the Peoples’ government preparing to file against Mr. Museveni to the ICC,” Nambooze told followers.


She added: “The show will be concluded with my view on the Muhoozi Project that is already taking shape in Uganda and what it will mean for the country.”

Today, police quickly sealed off her home located along Nabuti Road in Mukono Central Division where she was about to collect supporters’ signatures.

The meeting was planned to take place at 77 in Mukono town but Nambooze was locked up inside the house, according to one of her assistants.

“Police is not about to allow me to do my “Comedy”…My home where I called for a Presser at which we are to launch the signing of the ICC Petition has been taken over by Police!” she said on social media.

She added: “You said it was comedy, you said you were not intimidated, you said people will not sign….why now panic?”

This is her full statement:

Five patrol vans and dozens of Police and army men surround my home…..Am told that the number is five times bigger at my other home where I had organised a Press conference for today. At both my homes, police has set up heavy barricades disallowing any movement in or out.

UGANDANS are getting used to tyranny…grave actions of human rights abuse and persecution are meted out on individual activists but because they have been happening for long…it has more or less become a way of life and its normal….other people even have the audacity to mock the victims!

But to us the haunted we feel the pain, our hearts are bleeding. …imagine waking up and having ones young children staring in the face of heavily armed men. These small children can’t go out to play or have their friends visit…They can’t go to school because no vehicle is allowed to leave or enter my home. There is a possibility that my children may miss meals today, because my home-help can’t be allowed to move out to the market and no person from out can enter my home.

A nursery school opposite my home is also under siege. From the balcony, I see these kindergarten children looking so scared. A whole DPC is sitting at my gate!

No one is talking to me….so I don’t know what I have done or what am required to do! I hear Mr. Museveni is visiting my constituency today, to commission something in Namanve….is this the reason I, my husband, my children and house maids are being held a prisoners in my own home?

And there is this Police lady, the OC CID, the way she is behaving around my home, you may think that she has something personal against me!



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