Buganda queen Nagginda arrives for Rema intro

Buganda Queen is the guest of honour

Her Royal Highness Nabagereka of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda, arrived awhile ago as a special guest at Rema Namakula’s introduction ceremony in Nabbingo along Masaka Road.

Escorted by Royal Guards, Nagginda arrived towards lunch time with Buganda Prime Minister [Katikkiro] Peter Mayiga.

City tycoon Kirumira is among Dr. Hamza Ssebunya’s guests attending the introduction.

Tycoon Kirumira arriving

Dr Hamzah Ssebunya was earlier captured leaving Kabira Country Club and ready for the ceremony.

Victoria University

Each person that is to escort him has a card that indicates the number of people it can permit in at the ceremony.

Dr. Hamzah Sebunya’s entourage came with a truck of bread which he served to the villagers in Nabbingo.

He also splashed out some money to the gathering of people on the road.

Leaked photos showed personalised presents for the kwanjula. The decor theme is black and white.



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