Besigye signs petition to take Museveni to ICC

Besigye addressing press

Opposition figure Kizza Besigye has Tuesday appended his signature to a petition which will be handed over to the International Criminal Court [ICC] to indict President Museveni.

The official signing of the petition to ICC against Museveni and others took place at the People’s Government Headquarters on Plot 6 Katonga Road, Nakasero, Kampala.

The petition aims to cause an investigation, trial and indictment of the accused for commission of serious crimes and crimes against humanity.

According to Besigye’s aide, Ronald Muhinda, opposition officials and concerned citizens arrived at the venue by 9:00am ahead of the 10:00am official launch of the signing of the petition.

Victoria University

Earlier, he said power was Monday night cut off at their head offices while other neighbours in the same area had electricity.

“It has been disconnected in the night, probably from the pole outside,” Muhinda said, suggesting sabotage on the part of the state.

“Come with a photocopy of your National ID or Name and NIN written on a piece of paper and they appear on your ID. Whoever feels Museveni must answer for his crimes, come and sign,” he said.

Signing ceremony

Muhinda reported that the police “feared” to deploy officers on the ground and instead deployed a drone in the air which kept hovering above Katonga Road.

While launching the event, People’s Government President Besigye said the seriousness of signing the petition “is that you have to use your accurate particulars on the National ID, passport or Driving Permit”.

This petition is going to an international court, Besigye said at the launch.

He said the information must be verified not just appending signatures but they are real people of this country.

“We need the information that you can be positively and exclusively identified by.  This process is going to be rolled out from today and then go countrywide.”

He added: “We have similarly appealed to those who have additional evidence for heinous offences that have been committed, step out and we will treat your evidence with utmost confidence so that you are not persecuted.”



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