Uganda hosting Rwanda enemies, says Kagame

President Kagame

Rwanda President Paul Kagame Friday held a press conference with local, regional, and international journalists and media experts where he spoke out on Uganda-Rwanda relations.

“We have had officials of both countries meeting in Angola and in Kigali. We were supposed to have another meeting in Kampala on the 16th of October but there was no communication until we later read of an invitation in papers,” Kagame told press.

He said the origin of the problem is Uganda hosting negative elements who have been causing insecurity in Rwanda.

“There is also a problem of our citizens who are imprisoned in Ugandan prisons without trial,” he said.

Victoria University

According to Kagame, those citizens who are released from prison are thrown in the middle of the night at the border.

“We restricted our citizens from travelling to Uganda because they are arrested at these same borders.”

He added: “How do you expect countries to trade when certain citizens are arrested the moment they cross the border?”

EAC integration

Kagame said as the region, they should be moving faster but again integration isn’t automatic.

“People see things differently, create problems where there are not. The task to achieve broader and deeper integration is what is before us,” he explained.



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