Museveni passes out airforce pilots

Museveni at the pass out ceremony

President Museveni Tuesday presided over the pass out of 18 pilot cadets and 20 aeronautical graduates at the Gulu Airforce wing.

He congratulated the graduates for successfully completing this course.

The exceptional performance demonstrated here, with the fighter aircrafts, is very commendable, he noted.

Museveni addresses cadets

He said this training is vigorous and requires a lot of coordination because any mistake made can lead to a fatal accident.

Victoria University

“I reiterate what your commander said, always remain healthy and avoid leading reckless lives, but also urge you to inculcate four values in yourselves so that you succeed professionally and in life. These are; Integrity, service above self, excellence and patriotism.”

Museveni said government will continue to improve infrastructure, for instance our plan to construct 30,000 housing units for the UPDF is already underway.

“We also plan to upgrade Gulu airport to a level where it can accommodate commercial aircrafts. This will boost tourism and trade.”



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