Police disperses journalists to foil march to Naguru

Journalists led by Kazibwe at CPS [photos by Nicholas Bamulanzeki]

Police has violently dispersed a march by members of Uganda Journalists Association (UJA) and arrested several of them.

Led by UJA President Bashir Kazibwe, the journalists were heading to police headquarters in Naguru to petition against brutality by the force meted out on fellow journalists.

They were intercepted and arrested on Jinja Road before being detained at the Central Police Station in Kampala.

A journalist faces off with police

The journalists were later released but vowed to continue to Naguru police headquarters to meet the IGP Okoth Ochola over continued police brutality on them.

Victoria University

The march was announced last week after police brutalised journalists who were covering protests at Makerere University.

Journalists Bashir Kazibwe, Alex Sagala, Abubaker Lubowa and others arrested as they marched to Naguru Police Headquarters

Some of those teargased by police were Alex Esagala, a Daily Monitor photojournalist, Geoffrey Twesigye, a photographer with NTV Uganda and Lawrence Kitata of Vision Group, among others.

Police battles journalists


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