Jeema tips gov’t on how to end university strikes

Ssentongo Abdulnoor Kyamundu, Spokesperson- Justice Forum (JEEMA).

Justice Forum (Jeema) Party says it has followed closely the arguments and counter arguments in the on-going strife between Makerere University administration and students.

“As a party that values education for all, we want to advise the authorities on the possible ways to solve the impasse,” said Ssentongo Abdulnoor Kyamundu, Spokesperson- Justice Forum (JEEMA).

Kyamundu said he was aware that, the university needs increased funding to maintain and better the quality of services at the university.

“We are also cognisant of the economic situation in the country which is the major reason behind the student’s resistance of unfair increment of fees at Makerere University.”

Victoria University

He said the public needs to keep in mind that, admission to the University on Government sponsorship is based on academic performance of students.

“Therefore, it is the Rich who can afford good education at secondary schools level that are always admitted on government scholarship. The poor have to struggle to find money to pay for the rich, especially because that it is public knowledge that government does not fulfil its obligations on time.”

He said the on-going strife is the struggle of the children of poor Ugandans who think that any increment in fees, will deny them university education.

He suggested that Government increases the number of sponsored students so as to have a quota that is not necessarily admitted on the basis of academic performance.

“Students that have gone through UPE and USE whose background is weak standards are questionable might miss out on university education. JEEMA is willing to provide details of how this can be achieved if the Government requests so.”

Kyamundu also suggests that Government increases funding of the education loan scheme to a tune accessible by all enrolling tertiary level students.

He says if government provides this, no students shall complain about increment in fees as sources of funds will be available.

“We want to condemn in the strongest terms possible, the inhuman treatment of the students by the military.”

According to Kyamundu, the increased use of the military in civil matters should be condemned by all sane Ugandans because it reminds “us the brutality carried out against Ugandans in the past”.

“Fellow countrymen and women, as we watched in anguish the horrifying state inspired torture and harassment of the students protesting the unfair fees increment, we should appreciate one fact.”

He added: “The students are not fighting their war, but ours. We the parents, the guardians, the sponsors, relatives and all those who financially contribute to the tuition and welfare of the students. This is our own struggle. We should collectively join this struggle and fight alongside our children, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends, because it is us who suffer the brunt of the scandalous and arbitrary fees increment.”



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