Ssenyonyi: Museveni blaming his failures on Bobi Wine

Joel Ssenyonyi

People Power spokesperson, Joel Ssenyonyi, has fired back at President Museveni for calling Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine an “enemy of progress”.

“The allegation by our Outgoing President, Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni that the People Power leader Hon Robert Kyagulanyi told Americans not to invest in Uganda is not only ridiculous, but also littered with falsehoods,” Ssenyonyi lashed out.

“I think Mr. Museveni must have seen that in one of his dreams about Hon Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) since he spends nights thinking and dreaming about Bobi Wine!”

According to Ssenyonyi, Hon Kyagulanyi in an interview with Aljazeera on 11th September 2018 cautioned Americans about the military aid they give to Uganda, since it’s not being used to protect Ugandans, but to torture, brutalise and even kill Ugandans who are opposed to Mr. Museveni’s 34-year rule.

Victoria University

“Mr. Museveni should stop blaming Hon Kyagulanyi for his failures to make our country better.”

He added: “Hon Kyagulanyi only recently came to the political scene, surely he can’t be responsible for Mr. Museveni’s failure to transform our country yet he’s been in power for over 3 decades.”

While speaking to BBC Newsday’s Alan Kasujja at State House, Entebbe, Museveni said: “Bobi Wine went to USA and said investors should not come to invest in Uganda. That means he is an enemy of progress in Uganda.”

He added: “I was in opposition myself in 1960s member of DP and could not say don’t build Masaka-Kabale road because I was not in government. The road is not for government but people.”

But Ssenyonyi insists it’s deliberate for Mr. Museveni to impoverish Ugandans, that’s why for example he killed co-operatives.

“Poor and disempowered people are easy to rule over, they don’t challenge you, and they are easy to dissuade with things like soap and sugar.”

He added: “Mr. Museveni, please carry your cross of mismanaging our country, stop passing the blame.”

Museveni, on his part, maintained that it was wrong for Bobi Wine to ask the US government to cut off funding yet he is one of those who benefit from the aid.



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