Mafia posing as Rema in-laws to kill me- Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo

Another celebrity has blamed mafia in government for allegedly sponsoring his suffering.

A while ago, city tycoon Suleiman Mbuga aka SK Mbuga who was released from a Swedish prison told media that mafia were behind his problems.

On Tuesday, musician Eddy Kenzo also told media that mafia were behind his woes with former lover Rema Namakula and that they reportedly want to kill him.

In a live Facebook chat, Kenzo claimed the mafia want him dead before 2021 presidential polls.

Victoria University

“They pay for my music not to be played. They have also bought some people to abuse me for nothing,” he said referring to Kibuli sect Shiekh Muzaata who reportedly told him to “go and marry your mother”.

Kenzo claims the mafia are using his family problems and separation with Rema to destroy him.

Rema has since hooked Hamza Ssebunya, a doctor who she intends to introduce in November.

The pair has already held a private visit (kukyala) which got social media buzzing.

He said some of them were paid to “pretend to be relatives Rema’s husband to “poison me and claim I committed suicide”.



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