Dr Sebunya in trouble for loving his patient Rema

Dr Sebunya with Rema

A concerned citizen Sharif Sentongo Nambaale has filed a case requesting the Allied Health Professional Council to summon Dr Hamza Sebunya for disciplinary proceedings over contracting a marriage with Rema Namakula.

Sentongo claims Dr Ssebunya was Rema’s personal doctor hence falling in love with one’s patient is breaching the ethical standards of the medical profession.

The September 11 petition notes that Rema left her marriage with fellow singer Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo ahead of a planned introduction on November 14.

Through his lawyers Ms Nalukoola, Kakeeto Advocates and Solicitors, Sentongo notes that Sebunya who was Rema’s gynaecologist at Mulago hospital, took advantage of her [a patient].

Victoria University

“As a fervent believer in the rule of law, our client has drawn our attention to the fact that he has learnt through the press and social media that during the subsistence of MR. EDIRISA MUSUZA a.k.a EDDIE KENZO and MS REMA NAMAKULA’s relationship, the person who was a doctor to REMA NAM AKULA one DR. SEBUNYA HAMZA has contracted marriage with her which our client believes constitutes professional and ethical misconduct.”

The petition goes on: “We have since advised our client that your body which is a creature of the statute has powers and mandate to inquire into and investigate the matter. Upon kind instructions of our client, we do hereby invite thy disciplinary committee to invoke its powers under Section 38 (1)(2) and (4) of the Allied Health Professional Act Cap. 268 of the laws of Uganda. Our client is available in case you and him for purposes of illuminations and availing more facts to enable you investigate the matter, take obligatory action which shall culminate into the most appropriate panacea as by law envisaged.”

The Allied Health Professionals Council is a body corporate established under the Allied Health Professionals Act Cap. 268 to regulate, supervise and control the training and practice of the Allied Health Professionals in Uganda.



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