FDC picks Hoima MP runner as Mafabi harvests NRM fans

Mafabi receives a Turkey

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] has presented Nyakato Asinansi Kamanda as Hoima District Woman Parliamentary candidate.

She will be nominated tomorrow Wednesday 28th August 2019.

Mrs. Nyakato Asinasi is currently serving as FDC National Executive committee (NEC) member as National Secretary for Health.

Hoima District Woman MP seat fell vacant following the creation of new Kikuube District which was curved out of Hoima and the Woman MP decided to go to Kikuube leaving Hoima vacant.

Victoria University

Ground work continues

At the start of the week, Secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi did village to village Mobilization in the areas of Bunyafa Sub County, Sironko district.

A good number of NRM supporters quit and crossed to the Forum for democratic Change as the only vehicle of hope and change.

“As usual Nandala Mafabi was showered with gifts as a thank you message for his continued fight for a free Uganda that works for all,” the party said.



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