Police rescues boda hit man from angry mob

The suspect was badly beaten

Police in Kakiri has rescued Bright Mugisha from a mob that wanted to lynch him after he was suspected to be a boda boda cyclist’s hitman.

According to the complainant, Mbazira Issah Henry, Mugisha hired him from his stage around Mabirizi in Kampala alleging that he was following up his stolen vehicle.

They agreed on an amount and they started the ride.

However, upon reaching the destination, Mugisha gave him a route that he wanted him to connect to Kiboga.


The rider got worried and decided to check his passenger hence identifying a sharp knife wrapped in a paper that had been kept in the trousers.

This prompted him to make an alarm that attracted other motorcycle riders hence attack on the passenger.

He was, however, rescued by police after the area chairman called them.

“We arrested him and he is currently in the hand of police receiving medication for the injuries he sustained,” police said.

“We were able to recover a knife, a polythene bag, which contained clothes, a trouser and a shirt. We suspect he wanted to use them after the theft and attempted murder.”

Kakiri Police station is currently investigating attempted murder and theft of a motorcycle.

“We want to urge the public, especially the Boda Boda cyclists to, at all times, coordinate with each other and the local authorities.

As police we are still going on with our operations against criminals behind boda boda thefts. Many criminals have been arrested and several motorcycles recovered.”



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