Museveni tells opposition: don’t wait for me to leave power

President Museveni in Kasese

While meeting leaders from Kasese District Thursday at Nyakasanga Playground in Kasese Municipality, President Museveni emphasized that there is no opposition or government in poverty.

“Leaders who claim to be in the opposition can see what our people are going through and should be able to empower them with the knowledge to get them out of poverty, instead, they say they are waiting for the government in power to leave,” Museveni said.

“But these are the people who elect you! Some are your relatives, this is selfish,” he added.

Museveni said a serious person does not mix politics with the livelihood of the people.


He said all leaders irrespective of their political inclination should go back to the people and awaken/sensitize them to kick poverty out of their homes.

For instance, 70.7% of the population in this district still produce only for home consumption, this should be a concern for every leader here, he noted.  

“Our people should be taught to engage in agricultural activities that give huge returns per piece of land used.”

“Poultry needs small space and you earn more as opposed to if you grew maize on the same land size.”



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