Museveni: don’t arrest anyone for annoying me or disturbing my peace

President Museveni addressing press

President Museveni has told police to stop arresting Ugandans for ridiculous charges like annoying the president or disturbing the president’s peace.

He was Thursday night addressing press at State Lodge Nakasero when journalists asked him to comment on the fate of city Pastor Joseph Kabuleta and former Makerere researcher Dr Stella Nyanzi.

Kabuleta was arrested last week and detained in Kireka for annoying the president while Stella faces up to four years in prison for offensive communication and disturbing the peace of the president.

Reciting to ‘annoying of the president cases’ against Kabuleta and Dr. Stella Nyanzi, Museveni said: “I don’t mind being annoyed, that’s not an issue.”

Victoria University

He said the bigger picture Police should focus on is, telling lies, sedition and spreading hatred.

The law on sedition was scrapped from the Penal Code by the Constitutional Court in 2010.

He seemed to say he doesn’t mind being annoyed and that the police is making small things big. His concern was incitement on social media.

“That was a colonial law. The issue is not annoying the president. Those are policemen who talk about small things,” Museveni noted.

“The issue is why tell lies, why incite? We shall talk with those policemen to concentrate on substance like incitement and sedition but not annoying. That really is not a big issue. That is not a problem for me.”

At the start of this year, a teenager was arrested in Gomba for annoying Museveni by calling him Bosco Katala and blaming him for constructing narrow roads.

Joseph Kasumba confronted Museveni on January 1 returning from church where Bishop Michael Lubowa called him “God-sent to bless and serve Uganda”.



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