Kabuleta coming to court today- Enanga

Journalist and founder of Watchman Ministry, Joseph Kabuleta

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga has said city Pastor Joseph Kabuleta will be brought to court today, Monday if his file is ready.

Enanga who was appearing on NBS television, said the police conducted the arrest of Joseph Kabuleta last Friday.

“This is an open investigation with nothing to hide. The police have the powers to conduct arrests with or without an arrest warrant, provide it’s within the law.”

Asked why they didn’t summon him, Enanga said there are cases where they summon someone and cases where they don’t.

Victoria University

“We arrest because we don’t want the person destroying evidence. This is a matter of evidence and detectives.”

“You don’t need to go in uniform to blow your identity. What I can tell you is that our special division officers identified themselves before they arrested Kabuleta.”

Host: Who is the complainant?

Enanga: The police is an institution, an agent of the state. We take all complaints against the person of the president as a grave matter.

Enanga said they don’t need the president to come and make a complaint for police to act. For as long as police detects it, they move in.

“This was offensive for the person of the president.”

Host: When is he expected in court?

Enanga: By the end of today provided the file comes back from the DPP. If we have sufficient evidence, we shall present him before the courts of law. If there’s no reasonable evidence, he will be released.



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