Uganda is republic not monarchy, Mwenda defends Kabuleta

Andrew Mwenda

Senior journalist Andrew M. Mwenda‏ confused his followers on Friday when he defended journalist Joseph Kabuleta arrested for annoying the president.

Kabuleta who is charged with offensive communication wrote a series of Facebook posts criticising the first son Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba and allegedly calling the president a thief, liar and gambler.

“The arrest of Joseph Kabuleta for “offending the president” is archaic, intolerable and unacceptable!” Mwenda wrote.

He said Ugandans have every right to offend the president because they hire him to serve them.

Victoria University

“They should be free to express their anger at how he is running the country justifiably or not!” Mwenda insisted.

“Uganda is a republic not a monarchy, the president is elected by citizens, not anointed by birth; power belongs to the people not to the president who only exercises it on their behalf.”

He added: “So citizens have every right to make judgment of how they think/feel he is performing!”



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