KCCA picks fight with NBS TV’s Kasumba over road broadcast

NBS TV host Samson Kasumba broadcasting from a greenbelt on a city road

Kampala Capital City Authority [KCCA] has warned NBS television host Samson Kasumba to beware after the journalist broadcasted live in the middle of a city road.

KCCA is the legal entity, established by the Ugandan Parliament, that is responsible for the operations of the capital city of Kampala in Uganda.

Kasumba, a TV host, Theologian, critical thinker and social transformer, on Saturday shared a picture of himself in front of the camera seated in the greenbelt which should have KCCA’s green grass or flower trees.

“Taking risks for the things we believe in is who I am and what I have done all my life…There is something about life on knife edge… That rush of blood is amazing,” he said.

Victoria University

KCCA was not at all amused by the development and the authority expressed such feelings on twitter.

“nbstv @KKariisa do you condone this kind of indiscipline by your staff?” KCCA social media handlers tweeted.

They went on: “When you broadcast in a greenbelt, what kind of message are you relaying to the public—that trespass is okay?”

Turning to the TV host, KCCA warned: “Samson, be cautioned that trespass is abuse of the law & undermines our beautification efforts!”

Girls standing in a greenbelt

When contacted, Kasumba told edge.ug he wasn’t even reporting about KCCA itself but other things.

The journalist said he doesn’t know what the issue is and doesn’t see why KCCA should kick up a fuss.

“The reason I take public criticism very well is because I have elected to do a pubic job. By so doing I accepted that what I do will be subject to criticism by all and sundry.”

He added: “Now some of that criticism will be fair or unfair granted but I chose the public job. It’s a package…”

KCCA spokesperson, Peter Kaujju, was not readily available for a comment as his known phone number was off air.

On August 10, 2018, KCCA said it had noted with great displeasure the continued destruction of green belts on Kampala Streets.

“Please be cautioned that trespass is abuse of the law and undermines the beautification efforts undertaken in the City. Following a series of sensitization against this vice, prosecution will ensue!” the authority warned.



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